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While the department does not involve itself in direct support of any scouting units it is the policy of the department and it's Boy Scout Committee to encourage and support local posts in their sponsorship of scout units.

The department does this through its selection of a number of scouting award winners and scholarship recipients.

At the annual Fall Conference the Department Boy Scout Committee selects a High Adventure Award winner from each of the 5 divisions in the department. The Boy Scouts who win this award receive a $1000.00 scholarship towards attendance at any of the recognized "high adventure" programs sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America.

The committee selects winners of a number of scouting awards at the Legion's Mid-Winter Conference. Awards judged include the Department Cubmaster of the Year Award, the Department Scoutmaster of the Year Award, Scouter of the Year Award, the Venture Advisor of the Year Award, the Sea Scout Skipper of the Year Award, Cub Scout Pack of the Year Award, the Department Boy Scout Troop of the Year Award, the Varsity Scout Unit of the Year, the Venture Crew Unit of the Year and the Sea Scout Ship of the Year Award.

The individuals and organizations judged for these awards are selected and nominated by their local posts.


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