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On July 27, 1953 the cease-fire agreement was signed with North Korea thus ending the Korean War. Prisoners were exchanged. When the exchange was complete we were 8,177 servicemen short. There are still over 8,000 American unaccounted for from the Korean War. Most of these died while in the hands of their captors.

The Department of Defense at this time is searching for remains in North Korea. There have been over thirty operations in North Korea to recover the remains of our missing servicemen. When remains are located they are sent to Hawaii where DNA samples are obtained. These DNA samples are then compared to known DNA collected from the family of missing servicemen. Once remains are identified they are returned to the family for proper Burial.

It has been over 50 years and for various reasons the military services has lost contact with the kin of the POW/MIA’s. This is where we as legionnaires can assist. Look at the list and if there is one missing in your area, seek out this family and find a family member. When you locate a family member obtain a name, address and telephone number, call American Legion Department Headquarters, 1-919-832-7506 and forward the information to them. The proper agency will be notified and they will contact the family and make arrangement for obtaining the DNA.

There is not much we can do for the POW/MIA that were left. By locating family members we are assisting in the recovery program. In my area four families have been located and the missing DNA has been submitted.

Harold Davis #Post 10

Families of these servicemen are needed to furnish DNA.  All are Caucasian unless otherwise stated. Names marked with a red (*) are names of those families found. This page was last updated on August 24, 2014.

  • Alamance County
    Willard Franklin Heritage (*)
  • Anson County
    George Thomas Brower (*)
  • Bertie County
    Darden D. Miller (*)
  • Buncombe County
    Don Henry Hyatt (*)
    Troy Penland (*)
    Robert Dugger Reed (*)
    Bobby Eugene Freeman
  • Burke County
    Charles Wesley Chapman (*)
    Rex Warner Powell (*)
    Herman Rose (*)
  • Cabarrus County
    Daniel Dulin (*)
    Gerald Lee Lentz (*)
    Joseph Edward Miller (*)
    Jack Richardson
  • Caldwell County
    Fred James Marley (*)
    Clarence E Patterson, Black (*)
    Larry Eugene Sell (*)
  • Carteret County
    Robert Dorman Dern
  • Caswell County
    Benny Allen Moore, Race ? (*)
  • Catawba County
    Horace Smith England, Black (*)
  • Chatham County
    William Edward Council (*)
    Joseph Edward Boyd
  • Cleveland County
    Glenn C. Nye (*)
    Vernon Damon Stallings (*)
    Logan Christopher Weathers (*)
  • Columbus County
    Clarence Earman Lane (*)
    Earnest E. Rackley (*)
  • Craven County
    Erwin Robert Mumford (*)
    C. W. Wright, Black (*)
  • Cumberland County
    Alva Rudolph Fisher, Black (*)
    Lee Dona Henry, Black (*)
    Carl Odell Jernigan (*)
    Artis McLean, Black
    Curtis McNeill, Black (*)
  • Davidson County
    Carl V Hunt (*)
    Leroy F. King (*)
  • Duplin County
    Freeman Earl Boykin, Black (*)
    John William Uptegrove (*)
  • Durham County
    Hugh John Drennen (*)
    Leroy McCleain, Black (*)
    Eric Franklin O'Briant (*)
    Vincent Ross Rickman (*)
    Leo Walker, Black (*)
  • Edgecombe County
    Fletcher Rudolph Thompson (*)
  • Forsyth County
    William Gray Bell (*)
    Peter Jack Britton (*)
    William F. Crouse (*)
    James W. Roberson, Black (*)
    Billy Eugene Peacock
  • Franklin County
    James Harvey Williamson, Black (*)
  • Gaston County
    Wallis Jefferson Evans (*)
    James Dean Pope (*)
    John Daniel Smith (*)
    Junior Ray Tucker
  • Gates County
    Charles Douglas Casper (*)
  • Granville County
    William Randolph Ingold (*)
    Gerald Wesley Knott (*)
    Charles Easton Paraham, Jr. (*)
    David Robert Jones (*)
  • Guilford County
    Earl Dockery, Black
    James Lee Kittrell, Black (*)
    Jack Lee (*)
    Winfred L. Reynolds
    Eugene Schuler, Black (*)
    Billy Ray White (*)
    C. W. Wright, Black (*)
  • Hertford County
    Gilbert R. Rose, Jr. (*)
  • Hoke County
    Vanderberg McKinnon, Black (*)
  • Iredell County
    J. W. Branton (*)
    Carl Lewis Forsyth Jr. (*)
    Cloyd L. Menser (*)
    Paul Henry Vell Trueheart, Black (*)
  • Jackson County
    Altie F. Seagle (*)
  • Johnson County
    Billy Andle Phillips (*)
  • Jones County
    Herbert Hoover Mattocks, Black (*)
  • Lenoir County
    William S. Cunningham (*)
  • Lincoln County
    Ralph Stover, Race ? (*)
  • McDowell County
    William S. Green (*)
    Arnold Pitman (*)
    Noel Edwin White (*)
  • Mecklenburg County
    Harold Clinkscale, Black
  • Nash County
    David Avent, Black (*)
    Morton C. Davis, Black (*)
    James Edward Mann, Black (*)
  • New Hanover
    Guy Thornton Eubanks (*)
    Roscoe Lee Harvey (*)
    Joseph Edward Murphy (*)
    Harold Randolph Shepard (*)
    James Eugene Colley (*)
    Frank Worley, Black
  • Orange County
    Otha Paul Stanley (*)
    Phillip Sprague Randolph
  • Pamlico County
    Benjamin F. Carr, Black (*)
  • Pitt County
    Willie J. Edwards, Black (*)
    James A McCotter, Black (*)
    Ray Tripp (*)
    Ezekiel Cleston Mills, Black (*)
  • Randolph County
    Carl Lewis Kearns (*)
    James Henry Crutchfield (*)
    Harry E. Lefler (*)
    Byron M. Otwell, Jr. (*)
  • Roberson County
    Arthur James Hall (*)
    John W. McLellan (*)
  • Rockingham County
    David Eugene Hardy (*)
    David Alton Joyce (*)
    Lawrence Junior Owens
  • Rowan County
    James Clarence Wagoner (*)
  • Rutherford County
    Cameron Flack (*)
    William Harold Pate (*)
    Thomas Wray Yelton (*)
    Frank Robert Barrett
  • Sampson County
    John Ollin Herring, Black (*)
    Marvin Royal (*)
  • Surry County
    Merlin Edward Marshall (*)
  • Union County
    Bernice Cauthen
  • Vance County
    Charles Edward Ivey (*)
  • Wake County
    James William Corbin, Black (*)
    Perry August Dawson (*)
    Dollie Hedgpeath, Black (*)
    Clarence Howard Hill, Black (*)
    Harry Lee Kearney, Black (*)
    Harry Jerome Parker, Black
  • Washington County
    John Clinton Blount, Black (*)
  • Wayne County
    Lindley I Littleton (*)
    Forrest Lee Price (*)
  • Wilson County
    John Braxton Johnson (*)

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