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Every paid up member of The American Legion Department of North Carolina is entitled to a free $1000.00 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy. The policy is issued by Legionnaire Insurance Trust (LIT).

This policy can be activated in 3 ways. Any NC Legionnaire can activate the policy by mailing in an activator form, by calling the insurance company or by enrolling on-line through the company's internet site.

The LIT activator form may be downloaded here or can be requested from Department of NC headquarters at 919-832-7506. The insurance company can be called at 1-800-235-6943. The insurance company's web site is

When the policy expiration date nears the insurance company will mail the Legionnaire a form to re-activate the policy for an additional time period.

North Carolina Legionnaires can call LIT at 1-800-235-6943 and provide their Legion membership number to determine if the policy is already in effect for them. Enrollment status can also be checked through the LIT web site.

LIT Website

Enrollment & Activation Form


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