Member Directory Project

The long-awaited American Legion Department of North Carolina 100th Anniversary History and Member Directory Project, “100 Years of The American Legion in North Carolina,” is going to press in early December.

Publishing Concepts (PCI) in Dallas, TX is publishing the book. The response from our membership has been outstanding and we look forward to celebrating our 100 Year Anniversary with this once in a lifetime publication. The book comes complete with over thirty pages of history, highlighted with timelines, narrative history, and pictures of activities and events. The second part of the book is entitled “Our Legacy,” with member photographs and memories. For those who did not take advantage of the pre-sale, copies will be available through Department Headquarters. Thank you once again for your participation in this project. We have much to be proud of in the American Legion Department of North Carolina. Future generations of Legionnaires will be grateful for your service and sharing the story.



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Tierian “Randy” Cash

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Loree Miller

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Program Manager
Greg Gidding